We take pride in the fact that the top companies in the banking, insurance and financial services, not only regional but also international, have invested trust in our team.

The last decade was marked by some of the greatest challenges in the history of international financial markets, and has required rapid adaptation and innovative approach to problem solving in a turbulent economic, political and regulatory environment. This global trend has not bypassed Serbia and the region, and has resulted in an increase in the number of high-risk and non-operating investments, which pose a constant threat to the financial results of banks, while presenting business challenges for financial investors oriented towards distressed M & A transactions.

At the same time, the decline in LIBOR and a significant jump of the CHF in relation to the EUR have created a different kind of problem for banks, resulting in numerous customer complaints, requesting the annulment or termination of loan agreements. Unlike the countries in the region, the Republic of Serbia has not established a systemic solution to this problem, so disputes between banks and clients are solved in courts on an individual level. Our lawyers have so far successfully represented the interests of the banks in more than 500 disputes of this kind.

The development of information technology has also set new challenges for the financial services market, enabling the maintenance of competitiveness by developing new products.

In addition to the problems caused by global trends, the operations of financial institutions is made additionally complex by the specific regulatory environment, considering the distinctive obligations regarding internal audit, risk assessment and compliance with the law, and the broad powers of the central bank in the oversight of the companies in the financial sector.


 Our lawyers have a broad and deep understanding of the specific issues in the operations of the financial services sector and are able to advise and represent the interests of banks, insurance companies and other companies from the financial services sector on daily basis, in all aspects and issues that they face in business operations, including:

  • Counseling and representation of clients and secured or unsecured creditors duting restructuring procedures of risky investments and during the collection of non-operating loans,

  • Representing clients in disputes on claims resulting from loan agreements and other contracts, as well as other litigations arising from business operations,

  • Counseling and representing clients in administrative procedures, offense proceedings and economic offenses related to business operations,

  • Advisory services in operations and procedures in the field of corporate governance, internal controls, anti-money laundering, conflicts of interest, data protection and whistle blowing procedures,

  • The preparation of bids, general terms and model contracts related to the sale of new products,

  • Clients couseling in the actions of project financing in real-estate projects, projects in the energy sector and other areas of capital, the compilement of complex contracts and the participation in negotiations,
  • Advisory services to foreign clients in the domain of money transfer and electronic payments, about the conditions of business operations in Serbia.


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