The arrangement of property relations on the construction lot and the creation of urban and administrative conditions for the construction of buildings, are some of the most important and also the most complex issues for investors in construction in the Republic of Serbia.

There are numerous reasons for this, including: the existence of a specific right of use of construction land with the registration of property rights in favor of the Republic of Serbia or local authorities; the imprecision of cadastral data in relation to the identification of land and facilities, land use, the identity of the registered holder and the quality of real estate rights; the inconsistently regulated process of conversion of rights of use into ownership right of the land, which has dramatically reduced the volume of investment in Serbia in the last decade in comparison to the previous period; the complexity of the procedures, the slowness and non-transparent treatment by the relevant authorities in the procedures of zoning and the issue of planning and construction permits and licenses.

However, despite the numerous systemic problems, investors are interested in construction in Serbia, where they need high-quality legal assistance at all stages of the process, so that all project tasks are completed in planned stages and in a timely manner, which is essential in the construction sector.

Our team has developed significant expertise in the most delicate and most complex projects of this kind. Our team members have participated in resolving property and legal relations and in the preparations for the realization of the projects "Bridge over the River Sava", Belgrade Arena, IKEA department store in Belgrade at the Port of Belgrade. In addition, our team has advised and represented clients in matters of the construction and reconstruction of retail parks and shopping malls throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia, in negotiations and the settlement of disputes in accordance with FIDIC standards, plus, our team members advise and represent landlords and tenants of premium business spaces in the regulation of complex perennial relationships regarding lease on a daily basis, as well as on a number of regulatory issues related to the maintenance of facilities.

Our team members are engaged in investment and public-private partnerships in the energy sector, which is particularly complex due to the specific characteristics of requirements in terms of plot and the resolution of relationships with local authorities.


The Real estate team offers the following services, among others:

  • Project Structuring: The choice of the location that is subject to the investment; advice on the best fiscal and corporate structure of the acquisition; advice on joint venture investments, negotiation, contracts drafting; understanding the most optimal fiscal, corporate and financial solutions,
  • The acquisition of real estate: sale and purchase of land and facilities, the acquisition of shares/stocks in the company which is the titular, the acquisition of immovable property in enforcement or bankruptcy proceedings; client counselling on all aspects of acquisition, the compilation of due diligence reports, participation in negotiations and implementation of agreements on the acquisition of rights to real estate;
  • Project development: solving property and legal issues that are an obstacle to the commencement of works; conversion of land rights of use into property rights; consultancy in the preparation of urban and technical papers and plans; the conclusion of contracts on fees for land development; the obtainment of the approval of authorities; counseling and representation in the process of building permits issue,
  • Construction: consultation and participation in negotiations in contract conclusion with the designers, contractors and regulatory authorities; Representation in proceedings before construction inspection; the preparation of construction contracts in accordance with FIDIC standards;
  • Sale and lease: the preparation and participation in negotiations on the purchase, real estate lease and leaseback arrangements;
  • Property management: counselling on the terms, issue pricing, the relationship between landlords and tenants regarding real estate renovation/reconstruction, maintenance and repair services, the regulatory obligations to the municipal authorities and other bodies and organizations;
  • Representation in acquisition procedures and restitution methods;
  • Representation in the procedures of the registration of property rights and other rights, records and encumbrance in real estate;
  • The representation of clients before local authorities, the drafting of contracts and participation in negotiations on the implementation of public-private partnership projects in the energy sector;
  • The representation of clients in property law disputes, construction disputes arising from lease contracts, and other types of disputes related to real estate.
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