Water, forests, agricultural land, metals, minerals, fossil fuels, wind, solar energy – in recent decades, these natural resources have attracted significant private investment, and have brought upon the arrival of global companies, primarily in the fields of mining, energy, water and waste management.

Natural Resources, as a common good and common wealth, are the basis for sustainable economic, financial and social development of the Republic of Serbia, and so is adequate waste management, which reduces pressure on natural resources and the pollution related to their extraction and processing.

In this rapidly evolving area which has been receiving increasing attention from the state, our team of professional consultants is able to provide complete legal support in the implementation of clients’ decisions on investment in geological explorations and development of deposits, the privatization of mines, the securing of exploration rights and the expansion of mining fields, the realization of greenfield investments, concessions, public-private partnerships etc.

LP’s team of lawyers has gained extensive experience in these fields of law, through years of counseling and representation of the oldest and largest manufacturer of mineral water in Serbia, a larger number of Clients in the mining sector, the participation of the first pioneering project examining the conditions for the construction of wind farms in the Republic of Serbia, as well as counseling and representation of an international waste management company, which was the first company in Serbia to introduce modern standards of waste management in the construction of landfills in Kikinda and Lapovo.




The LP office offers various services in the fields of energy and natural resource management, particularly in the following procedures:


  • Client counseling in relation to renewable energy, the development of power plants, wind farms, hydroelectric power stations and photovoltaic power plants,

  • Counseling on issues of natural resources, environmental protection, water pollution and waste management,

  • Greenfield & brownfield investments,

  • Acquisitions and concessions,

  • Privatization

  • Due diligence analysis

  • The resolution of all ownership issues, which include finding a construction location, the discussion on construction stages, the preparation of the necessary contracts and the acquisition of construction and operation permits,

  • The representation of clients before the Agency for Energy and the competent government authorities in the procedures of license acquisition.



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