We firmly believe that it is impossible to competently advise and represent the interests of the client without expertise in judicial and arbitration proceedings. In order to provide the client with the maximum possible level of protection, a lawyer must be able to comprehensively and thoroughly examine the risks of each transaction in which he advises the client, in order to assess their extent and significance in terms of a possible dispute, to anticipate the bases of possible disputes, pro et contra arguments and the degree of client exposure, and to adequately protect client positions within the framework of such analyzes and minimize the possibility of conflict and its negative outcomes, and if a conflict does occur, to defend them in the prescribed court proceedings in accordance with the anticipated strategy and creative and compelling approach to the proceedings.

It is in this demanding and delicate legal field that our team has a special place in the market. Our attorneys have experience in all types of disputes in the field of contract and corporate law, banking operations and insurance operations, as well as labor, property, construction law, and intellectual property rights. Many years of experience, high performance stats even in the most difficult disputes, and results make our clients entrust us with the most complex cases, frequently in situations where previous representation resulted in a poor procedural position of the client. This is why our office has more than a thousand civil proceedings ongoing at all times.


In addition to representation in legal proceedings, our team has attained extensive experience and excellent results in arbitration proceedings, particularly before foreign arbitration. In contrast to legal proceedings, which are characterized by a longer duration, and multiple instances of decisions, the specificity of the arbitration is fast treatment, a concentration of evidence and final decision-making in short time, which particularly requires a careful preparation procedure, anticipating all possible problems and opponents’ arguments, as well as a quick response in the hearing, where our team has recorded outstanding results, one of which is among the most recent ones, where a very complex multi-million dollar (US) arbitration ended in favor of our client against the opponent Hypo-Alpe-Adria Rent (now HETA).

Another area which we are very proud of is mediation, where our team members act both as mediators and as advocates. Our successfully conducted mediations have resolved a significant number of long-standing high exposure disputes, featuring international and national leaders in the field of tobacco and food industry, telecommunications, retail chains and other important sectors of industry, one the most recent successfully completed mediations was conducted on behalf of Credit Agricole Bank Serbia.


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