The modern global economy, which requires the rapid adaptation of the capital market, goods, services and labor with frequent changes affecting productivity and market position, necessarily causes a constant need for company restructuring. Therefore, Mergers & Acquisitions, as the most common modalities of restructuring, construct the everyday economic environment, requiring special expertise and professional responsibility, given the scale of investment and the number of challenges that investors face, especially when performing investments in markets which characterized by regulatory instability and diverse business practices, as is Serbia and its region. Investors are faced up to numerous questions: Has the due diligence been done correctly and sufficiently? Will the takeover successfully pass the required procedure in the planned timeframe? Will it be successfully implemented? Have all risks been considered? These issues certainly trouble both investors and sellers.

The anticipation of potential problems and the legal security of clients require legal advisers to have multidisciplinary expertise.

Our team has a wealth of local and regional experience in the M & A field, both in the domain of privatization of social and state capital, as well as in transactions aimed at the change of ownership or status of entities in private ownership, through classical purchase, sale, joint venture arrangements or other methods of takeover or recapitalization.

Our lawyers advise clients in all stages of the transaction, from the birth of the idea to its final realization, from the choice of targets and the creation of the transaction structure, through the development of due diligence, to the active participation in negotiations with partners and the finalization of the concluded business through appropriate legal procedures.

Being experienced professionals, we are aware of the fact that the work is not done when the transaction is completed, and that the client is yet to set out to do extensive work on the implementation of the transaction in order to achieve the planned business results.

In this final stage of transaction implementation, the client may use out multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, experts in legal fields such as corporate law, tax law, labor law etc., who with their detailed knowledge of local regulations, practices and market relations help clients successfully implement the executed transaction into the acquired company with minimal risk.

In contrast to "healthy" M&A transactions, distressed M&A transactions do not take place exclusively between the seller and the buyer, but they also feature secured and unsecured creditors, bankruptcy judges, each with their own interests, which may not complementary with the interests of the customer, and they often aren’t. In cooperation with experts in the field of Restructuring & Insolvency, our M&A specialists achieve significant results in this type of projects, taking advantage of the synergy of knowledge and experience in both fields.


Our services in M&A fields include, but are not limited to:


  • Classic M&A
  • Joint venture arrangement structuring
  • Counseling on takeover bids and other methods of takeover (squeeze-out, the compulsory acquisition of shares)
  • Counseling on takeover implementation
  • Defense against takeover and compulsory acquisition
  • Procedures related to the rights of minority shareholders
  • Status changes and changes in legal form
  • Privatization
  • Listed companies takeover
  • Recapitalization
  • Distressed Companies M&A



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