As one of the basic principles of market economy, competition includes the contest of business entities for their better positioning in the market and increase in their economic efficiency.

Since the policy and competition law in the Republic of Serbia are directly related to EU policy and competition law, this field requires good knowledge of the European Union regulations as well as the practice of the Competition Commission, the European competition network (ECN), courts etc., in addition to familiarity with the Competition Law, by-laws regulating certain legal provisions and institutes in greater detail, as well as the adopted guidelines, directives and decisions.

Being an Office with a respectable number of clients with dominant positions on the market, LP has advised eminent clients in view of banning of the conclusion of restrictive agreements, the terms and methods for the exemption of the mentioned ban, the prohibition of any misuse of dominant positions in the market, the implementation of the permitted concentration of participants in the market, and it has represented clients in numerous complex procedures before the Competition Commission.




The LP team provides clients with a wide range of services and comprehensive legal advice in the field of competition law, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Legal counselling regarding the restriction or prohibition of agreements that are detrimental to the competition
  • The composition of all types of contracts with competing companies, risk assessment and the assessment of the conformity of the concluded contracts with the legislation
  • Legal counselling regarding the prohibition of the abuse of dominant market positions
  • Legal counselling in the field of mergers and mutual purchases of companies
  • Legal counselling on the harmonization of the acts of foreign companies with the applicable regulations in the field of competition
  • Legal counselling in the field of consumer rights
  • Representation of clients before the Competition Commission in the proceedings upon concentration notifications; requests for individual exemptions of restrictive agreements, as well as test procedures
  • Representation of clients in administrative proceedings against the acts of the Commission.
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